The more I have thought about the messages that my mother-in-law sent me, the funnier I find it.  I mean really, wanting me to meet up with you to fight you? What are you? 12?  Like yeah, I’m going to use my gas to drive to meet you so we can fight.  Girl, bye LOL.  Gas is too expensive to waste on petty mess.

Everytime I read those messages I legit laugh out loud.



Do you ever get tired of taking screenshots of my blog to send to people?  It’s ok though. I don’t care. I know what I said so there’s no need to send them to me LOL.

Don’t go away mad, just go away.

That entry that was mention in the screenshots has been password protected for awhile now. So I’m wondering. Did someone (I have a pretty good idea of who) just send you those screenshots or have you been sitting on them awhile and decided that since we’ve ignored you since April, you would use them to stir up drama?

By the way, every thing in that post is the truth. Maybe that’s why you’re mad. You’re so afraid someone that you have fooled will see the real you. You are a nasty, hateful, spiteful person. I don’t care that you hate me. I don’t know why you keep telling that.  My self-worth isn’t tied up in your worthless opinion. But if it makes you feel better to act like a jr high “mean girl” by calling me names and belittling me, go for it.  I’ll just sit back and laugh.


Just to prove I do have the screenshots where I was physically threatened. If you want to send more threats, be my guest. It will just help me in my case against you.


What I am is what I am….

Time for some honest feelings here.  Agree with me or not, I don’t care.

I don’t understand why I am supposed to care about hurting someone else’s feelings when they don’t care about hurting mine. I will treat you how I want to be treated until you start acting like an ass. Then all bets are off.  I give everyone a chance. However, once you blow that chance, it’s hard to get me to change my mind about you.

Also, people tend to think that I care that they don’t like me.  The thing is, I used to. I tried so hard to get people to like me but then I had to ask myself “Am I willing to change who I am, just so this person will be nice to me?”  The answer was an easy “no”. I am who I am, like it or not. I refuse to apologize for being myself.