Throw back to when I was pretty….


Senior Prom 1996.  Proof that I haven’t always been fat and that I used to be attractive.  Three kids and 40-50 lbs later, I don’t really feel that pretty anymore.  I’d love to look in the mirror and see this girl again.  But let’s be realistic. I was 17 and my metabolism was decent. Now it’s at a standstill. I’d be glad to just be down 20-30 lbs.

Oh and the guy in the picture? That’s my ex, my oldest son’s father. And yes, I am that short.  I’m 4’11” (I was probably around 4’10” in this photo) and he’s 6’2″-6’3′. I didn’t crop him out of the photo because, why? He was a part of my life at one time and I don’t hate him. I have fond memories of hanging out with him and just being the typical couple.  Things didn’t work out between us and that’s ok.  I do remember that he hated taking pictures LOL.  And I really can’t hate him because I see so much of him in my son.  It would almost like be hating my own child.

I also have photos somewhere of my first boyfriend and I going to prom. I may post those at another time.  I wasn’t as cute in those as I am in this one LOL.  I had my hair cut really short and was at that awkward teenage stage LOL.  To this day, my first boyfriend and I are still friends.  I don’t see why exes have to hate each other.  It never made much sense to me.  Things don’t work out and you move on to something better for you.  I know my ex in this photo doesn’t really care much for me and that’s ok.  I never knew why though. Ah..guess it’s just one of those things….


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