Stop Making Stupid People Famous

Why are we making a smart mouth, misbehaved child a celebrity? I know whoever reads this will know who I am talking about but I refuse to use her name or her infamous catch phrase.  I will admit, I found the Dr. Phil show amusing. I shared the memes on fb because at first, it was funny. However, the more I thought about it, I just couldn’t believe that a parent would let their child behave that way and not do something about it. Especially a 13 year old child.  I think I have it figured out though.  I honestly believe that this was all a ploy by the child’s mother to become famous. And it worked.  I watched both Dr. Phil shows. On the first, she acted like an exasperated mother who needed help for her out of control child.  It made for good TV. Then by the 2nd show, the mother was telling Dr. Phil that their episode was the highest rated one ever. Um, excuse me. You are proud of the fact that the show was so popular because your daughter acted like a skank?  That right there is exactly what is wrong with her daughter.  She has failed as a mother.

What really has me annoyed though is that some youtubers and a rap artist have collaborated with this child.  They have made videos with her and encouraged her behavior. Most of these youtubers are young adults.  A decent mother wouldn’t have even entertained the idea of allowing their 13 year old daughter to hang out with these people. I’ve also heard the girl is going to not only going to get her own tv show, but also get paid 40K to make an appearance at a rap festival in Miami. I don’t know why some people idolize her. I’ve seen the videos she’s posted on instagram and if my daughter ever did anything like that, she would be grounded until she was 30!  I’ve also read that her father has been in a custody battle with the child’s mother since 2004.  He also pays child support. I think he’s trying to get full custody of her from her mom. I feel sorry for his wife and kids. That girl will pull them apart.  If he gets custody, he needs to send her to a boot camp for troubled kids and straighten her out.

I know I sort of got away from the original point but I think it’s ridiculous that our country makes stupid people famous. People who are famous for nothing.  If you’re going to be famous, please have a talent other than being a mouthy, idiotic, disrespectful teenager.


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