Dear Immigrants

Dear Immigrants:

I know you are having a “Day Without Immigrants” protest going on today.  What you all seem to misunderstand is that Americans, as a whole, do not “hate” immigrants in general. In fact, we respect the ones who come here legally and do things the right way. The ones who attempt to learn what it means to be an American.

I understand why so many people want to come here.  I really do. Even though the US gets a bad rap from other countries (even though we give aid to so many) it is still one of the best places to be.  But American citizens have the right to want to feel protected in their own country.  It’s not a good idea to let everyone in.  We want people who want to work for the American dream. We don’t want another country’s criminals. I’m sure those countries love when their derelicts cross the border. That means that they are the American’s problem now.

And for those of you who think you “deserve” free education even though you haven’t paid a cent in taxes. You don’t “deserve” anything that this country has to offer if you are illegal. And yes, I’m using the word “illegal”. You are a criminal.  Crossing the border without proper documentation is illegal.  It is also an insult to all those who came here legally and went through the proper steps to be an American.

So I hope your little “Day Without Immigrants” backfires on you. Americans can sustain herself with or without you. And for those of you who have come to the US legally and are now American citizens, congratulations! I am glad that you’re here and I hope this country is everything you hope it will be!


An American Citizen


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